The Music

Short  |  In Production

Ten years after the events of ‘The Janitor,’ Dominic makes a fateful decision that will change his life forever.
Starring: Michael Coppola and Gene Ravvin

The Guard

Short  |  15:34

An expecting father is tormented by intense and disturbing visions of harming his wife and unborn son.
Starring: Bryan Veronneau, Erika Thormahlen, Michael Coppola and Jeremiah Kissel



Here Lies Joe

Short  |  23:00

Joe, a suicidal man, attends a support group where he meets Z, a disarming and troubled young woman who leads him on a series of adventures
that change his outlook on life. Filmed in and around Southern New Hampshire / Northern Massachusetts, starring: Dean TempleAndi MorrowTimothy J. Cox.


The Convict

Short  | 20:26

David Eller, an escaped convict, risks everything to make a desperate journey home. Filmed in and around Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts, starring: Dean TempleTravis MitchellMichael Anthony CoppolaKim GordonRobin Rapoport



The Janitor

Short  |  15:44

A hitman cleaner faces a moral dilemma when he is ordered to finish a botched job. Starring: Michael Anthony CoppolaWayne Shore




Short  |  36:42

Abby, a disturbed young woman, stalks a sadistic serial killer in hopes of becoming his next victim. Starring: Mariah GaleChris FuocoMegan McCormick